Meet the Team

Rabbi Yisroel Goldbaum


Rabbi Goldbaum has been involved in Torah education since 1993 when he served as a rebbe at the Torah Academy of Philadelphia.   During his 11 years in Philadelphia he acquired a Masters in Education Administration and participated in a 2 year fellowship program, Yesud Maalah, given by Torah Umesorah, which added to his educational skill set.  In 2004 he moved to Ottawa, Canada, to become the principal of Judaic studies and subsequently overall principal at Ottawa Torah Day School.

In 2016 Rabbi Goldbaum moved to Denver to take the position of Principal at Hillel Academy.  His educational philosophy reflects his understanding that each student is unique.  “I like to focus on the student as an individual.  If a child is given respect, he/she will respond back in a like manner.  The same goes for teachers and parents.”