About Us

About Hillel Academy

For over six decades, Hillel Academy has been providing exceptional education for Jewish children in Colorado.

Whether through the most focused, highest quality Jewish education available or via the nationally-recognized general studies curricula and materials used in some of the finest schools (public and private) in the country, Hillel Academy has enthused generations of Colorado’s Jewish kids with a love of learning, personal growth and education.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in education while imbuing in our students the joy and fulfillment of living a Torah observant life.  To develop in each individual student high levels of knowledge, capability and ethics, to motivate them to achieve their full potential academically and spiritually and to cultivate them to be active members of the Jewish community.

To Accomplish This Mission...


Professional Faculty

Hillel attracts and retains a professional, qualified faculty who has love for our children and commitment to their growth and well-being.


Meaningful Learning

Hillel makes learning meaningful and relevant, setting high academic standards while being sensitive to the individual needs of each student.


We are socially responsible.

Hillel seeks to understand and capitalize on the unique strengths of each student.


Quality Curriculum

Hillel implements a quality Judaic and General Studies dual curriculum program.


Parental Involvement

Hillel involves parents in their children’s education through strong communication, parent enrichment programs, and volunteer opportunities.


Hillel Academy is led by devoted and driven faculty who empower our students and the entire school. Working together with the parent body, Hillel Academy envisions a bright future under the leadership of Rabbi Yisroel Goldbaum as Principal and Mordechai Hoffman as Executive Director. 

Meet Our Administration 


  • Hillel Academy has been affiliated with Torah Umesorah, the National council of Jewish Day schools, since its inception.


  • Hillel Academy of Denver is accredited by AdvancED. 

"My teachers showed me by example how to be a life-time learner."Mrs. Adina Krausz, Master of Social Work


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